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How to order your taxi?

As always, you can phone for a taxi, but also from now on, everything will be much easier. Five solutions .... no calls and absolute control of its management. We guarantee you the nearest free taxi to the place where you are either stored in the "Your Favorites", (your home, club, office, etc..), Or the restaurant you have chosen today.


Our service delivery system is fully configurable. Not only can we count on the automatic on-line services, but it also, if the central taxi permits, you can also place your order in the traditional way. The novelty and advantage is that until this telephone service can become automated through our advanced IVR.

Speech Recognition and street stalls centralizing calls, direct contact with the appropriate driver, or a traditional operator service are some of the many configurations, depending on the one selected by the central taxi, you can find.

Even so, we invite you to try the other ways mentioned below, so you will not need to sign up the numbers when you travel.


From your home or office you can request the service from your computer. From this page, go to your country, and once registered in the system, you can make use of all available tools. If you apply for your web service, simply enter or select your location, which will pick you up.

Also, if you wish, you can choose range of vehicle, a car that supports animals, which supports credit card, a precise time ...., collection in short, a service for you.

Once the service requested, the system selects the most suitable free taxi that meets your needs, sending the notice. Once the driver has accepted the application, receive your confirmation message screen with the number of taxi licenses, the number of taxi driver's mobile phone and it will take time and distance to pick which is updated every 10 seconds. Once you have reached confirmándote send you a message that is at the point requested.

From your mobile web

From the web browser on your mobile phone. Since the mobile version you can request a taxi, leaving the theater, theater or restaurant, with the same advanced features from a computer browser.

From your mobile application

Specially developed for this service, and with the push of a button on your mobile phone can automatically apply your taxi service. No waiting and total efficiency. We guarantee the vehicle closest to your location.

You can download applications for your device for free from the Android market, the iPhone AppStore or from this website, downloads section.


Send a SMS with the word ETAXI to a short number specific to each country and the requested address. (Available only in some countries). Important: it is necessary that your phone is registered in the system eTaxi

Companies, hotels and similar

If you are a company we offer you the easiest and most convenient way to request a taxi service for your customers and employees. No waiting, no phone calls, and with absolute control of the services requested from the reception computer. A complete particular station at your disposal and use only. Contact us at and you carry out a no obligation demonstration.

Google Talk and Messenger

dd to your contacts to our robot that will accept you immediately: Start a conversation with him and he will send the nearest available taxi. Easy and fun

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