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Radio Taxi Station

We propose a leap into the future...

Can you imagine having a central control of your fleet ...

· Your installation was free?
· Its maintenance was free?
· Do not require devices for high cost taxis?
· To have all the tools possible for their customers could request services (telephone, web, mobile applications, ...)?
· That from 0% to 100% of incoming calls were answered automatically, without operators, according to their preferences?
· That would not require a minimum number of partners to keep it?
· To be part of a global network of taxi stations that serves all users, wherever they are?

eTaxi also is prepared to function as a single station in a town where several plants coexist eTaxi, if desired, without thereby losing the autonomy of the users or exclusive image of each of the central station.

All this and much more eTaxi can offer. From small towns with 5 or 6 taxis to large stations with thousands of vehicles.

Write to us and ask us for a demo and testing without compromise. you will be surprised

We invite you to watch this video, which shows some features of the system (to panatalla recommend viewing in full):

Download documentation for more information:

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